Welcome to VF Bioscience’s website! Please visit these pages to discover our exclusive products, learn about current research, and recognize our commitment to innovation and quality. From patented probiotic strains to high quality, clinically-validated plant extracts, we do offer unique ingredients suitable for many types of applications.

Dietary Supplements

Our exclusive, research-based ingredients are used all over the world in dietary supplements for cardiovascular health, immune support, cognitive health, and more. Depending on our customers needs we are able to provide both raw material or semi-finished/finished products.

Specialized nutrition

From sport nutrition to medical food, from infant formulas to dietary support for the elderly, our ingredients can be incorporated in a large variety of health-supportive functional food products including drinks, bars, powdered formulas…

Functional dairy products

Combining specific technological properties (acidification, texturization, bioprotective activity) with demonstrated probiotic effects, our bacterial strains can be used for the production of unique, health-supportive dairy products or fermented food.

Personal care

We have selected anti-aging, antioxidant ingredients perfectly suited for cosmetics and nutricosmetics products. Skin microflora regulation, protection of skin collagen, reduction of wrinkles and spots are just a few examples of their potential benefits.