Sport Nutrition

Although sport is beneficial for health, intensive exercice put a strain on the organism: athletes’ bodies have to deal with heat stress, oxidative damage and inflammation. Some of our ingredients provide an adequate solution to these issues. L. fermentum ME-3 is an antioxidative and anti-inflammatory probiotic strain that stimulates glutathione production, supports immune function and improves detoxification processes. As stabilized powder, it can added to protein powder mixes or energy bars. Another excellent ingredient is Oligonol®, a lychee extract that contains highly absorbable, low molecular weight polyphenols. Oligonol® is a potent antioxidant and improves blood flow to the muscles. Consumption of Oligonol® leads to a better and faster post-exercise recovery. It can be used in both solid food and drinks.

Specialized and medical food

From infant formulas to dietary support for the elderly, a large variety of food products can be enriched with healthy functional ingredients. Dairy products, chocolate, cereals then combine tasting pleasure and nutritional benefits with the added value of specific, health-supporting selected nutrients or probiotics. Most of our ingredients are suitable for use in functional food products: the antioxidant probiotic L. fermentum ME-3 can be added in dairy products or chocolate; ETAS®, an asparagus extract, will be a core ingredient of cognitive support products targeting the elderly.