AHCC®, ETAS®, OLIGONOL® : exclusive extracts with clinically-validated properties

“Empowering life with Nature’s resources” is the mission of our partner Amino-Up Co. Based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Amino-Up produces bioactive substances from natural sources. Amino-Up and VF Bioscience share the same philosophy: offer only exclusive, carefully developed ingredients with proven efficacy. We are proud to make these innovative, valuable products available to European consumers.


AHCC® is produced by a patented process of Shiitake cell culture. AHCC®’s main active components, alpha-glucans, are small molecules easily absorbed by the organism. AHCC® is Japan’s top-selling immune support ingredient, its properties have been described in more than 60 scientific articles, including reports of more than 30 human clinical studies.   AHCC® is produced…



ETAS® is a standardized asparagus extract which alleviates the effects of stress by controlling the levels of cortisol. ETAS® also shows a clinically validated efficacy for sleep improvement, support of mood and cognitive function, and protection of neuronal cells. ETAS® active components are natural molecules with a capacity to induce cytoprotective heat-shock proteins.   ETAS®,…



OLIGONOL® is a potent antioxidant ingredient made from highly-absorbable, low molecular weight lychee polyphenols. Clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of OLIGONOL® in the fields of overweight/metabolic syndrome (regulation of blood lipids and glycemia), sport nutrition (prevention of heat stress and inflammation, improvement of blood flow), as well as anti-aging (prevention of skin glycation). OLIGONOL®…