Some of our ingredients are suitable for use in skin care topical formulations. Our best characterized cosmetic ingredient is Oligonol®, an extract of lychee fruit that contains highly absorbable, low molecular weight polyphenols and displays strong antioxidant capacity. Oligonol® skin creams increase the levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid, both of which are essential for maintenance of skin structure. Oligonol® also prevents glycation damages in cells and has been shown to reduce wrinkle depth.


A healthy skin carries a specific microflora which must remain in balance. Application of probiotic-containing formulations can help maintain beneficial bacterial populations, and limit the proliferation of unwanted species. L. fermentum ME-3 combines an antioxidant effect with a potent anti-bacterial activity, and thereby is a perfect candidate for topical products aimed at restoring the skin microflora balance.