Patented strain that stimulates absorption and transport of calcium by intestinal cells, and favors its assimilation by the organism. Lactobacillus helveticus VFH049® can be used for several applications including bone health (prevention of osteoporosis), sport nutrition, or dental health. Suitable for use in food supplement form, or as fermentation starter for functional dairy products.


VFH049® stimulates absorption of calcium

The functional properties of Lactobacillus helveticus VFH049® (resistance in gastro-intestinal environment, adhesion to intestinal cells) make it suitable for use as a probiotic. The strain interacts with cells from the gut epithelium and stimulates the expression of calcium transporters, increasing the total transport of calcium through the intestinal barrier.


Multiple applications: bone health, dental health, sport nutrition


Calcium is involved in many physiological processes, but it is usually poorly absorbed in the gastro-intestinal tract. A probiotic strain that improves assimilation of calcium offers multiple health benefits:

  • bone health: our body needs calcium to maintain strong bones. Better calcium absorption can help prevent osteoporosis, a highly prevalent condition which affects more than 50% of women after 50.
  • dental health: calcium is also required to maintain teeth health. L. helveticus VFH049® can be used in products aimed at children which require calcium to build strong teeth, but also to support overall growth.
  • muscle function and strength: calcium is essential for proper muscle function; improved calcium absorption will be beneficial for athletes or anybody willing to build a strong and healthy body.



Suitable for production of functional dairy products

Lactobacillus helveticus VFH049® was isolated from fermented horse milk, in the Altaï mountains of Mongolia. The strain displays superior fermentation and acidification capacities, and excellent organoleptic properties. It can be used for the production of functional dairy products such as kefir, yogurt and cheese, containing live probiotic culture.