Our gut flora is made up of 100,000 billion live bacteria. This complex ecosystem is essential for the maintenance of a good health, contributing actively to the digestion and absorption of nutrients, to the production of vitamins, to detoxification, regulation of immunity…

Alteration of our gut flora can occur following a disease, an antibiotic treatment, an infection, or just because of stress and aging. Ingestion of beneficial bacteria, called probiotics, will help restore a healthy flora. However, not all bacteria have the same effect on health: probiotic properties are highly strain-dependent, and the development of an efficient probiotic product starts with the careful selection of an efficient strain.

Our research projects are aimed at identifying new probiotic micro-organisms with specific, clinically-proven beneficial properties.


Probiotic research requires different types of scientific expertise: microbiology, biochemistry, physiology…  In order to successfully complete our research projects, we are engaged in several technical and scientific collaborations with major industrial and academic partners. Through these partnerships, we can carry out ambitious projects including screening of proprietary bacterial collections, strain characterization, identification of active molecules, pre-clinical evaluation of strain efficacy.


We make a point of launching on the market only ingredients and finished products whose efficacy has been clinically demonstrated. Thanks to our network and academic partnerships, we can perform clinical studies to provide the proof of our product value.